To relationship-oriented leadership

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To relationship-oriented leadership

Mark Bours, Area Manager Sandd:

I really enjoyed seeing people being motivated to move from task-oriented leadership to more relationship oriented and supportive leadership.

The Challenge

Sandd is the second largest postal company in The Netherlands and still growing. Due to their growth and changes in the postal market, the company continuously reinvents itself.

These changes within Sandd ask not only for the optimization of processes, but also for new leadership. Leaders who motivate rather than instruct. Who take and give responsibility. Who are passionate and can transfer this passion onto others.

The Results

Leadership Journey

Performance Solutions was able to support all executives in their development as a leader. They let them experience how their own behavior affects the behavior of the team. The managers learnt to focus on the (desired) behavior of their employees, not solely on results. Because after all, the employees' behaviors affect the results.

Learning through Action

What is good should stay good. What you learn has to take root. During the training, the executives followed their (personal) leadership development process. They took the next steps to continue their growth.

During the active sessions, the trainers coached the executives groupwise. They paid attention to their personal coaching needs. Also, they collaborated on key issues that are important to Sandd.

The executives learned by being coached, by reflecting on their own behavior, and by coaching others.

The Results

  • Sandd’s quality percentage showed significant increase
  • Employees developed a broad and in-depth view of management techniques
  • Employees have shown an increase in mutual understanding, team spirit, respect, quality and knowledge
  • The employees appreciate having developed insights in their own behavior and the behavior of others

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