Senior Sales Capability Trainer

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Senior Sales Capability Trainer for Microsoft

As a Microsoft Mobile Senior Sales Capability Trainer you are the Subject Matter Expert (SME) around the Microsoft Mobile offerings and Microsoft Mobile Brand.

You will use your training, facilitation and coaching skills to drive the performance of Microsoft Mobile Academy Trainers and FF and other internal Microsoft Mobile audiences. You have deep knowledge of FF and FF activities and coaching.

You will be actively involved in the rollout of different Microsoft Mobile Academy programs within your geographic area. You will coach your fellow trainers to increase their performance in training skills as to act as their sales coach, as well as manage their productivity and number of trainings/webinars, be part of the hiring/firing process as well as on boarding and training activities with the team. In addition, you‘ll deliver training directly to Microsoft Mobile’s Key Partners, and potentially other audiences requested by Microsoft Mobile.

You will report to the Team Lead for Microsoft Mobile Sales Capability of North America.


1. Participate in Microsoft Mobile Academy development programs

2. Deliver/create training

  • You provide (in-store) training sessions, on boarding’s, webinars, road shows, store visits, ride-along etc. to a variety of audiences (Microsoft Mobile Academy trainers, Microsoft Mobile FSF, Microsoft Mobile Key Partners, internal Microsoft Mobile and other audiences requested by Microsoft Mobile)
  • You create interactive training sessions through facilitation and help the team prepare for them together with the MT

3. Support/monitor trainers

  • You provide coaching according the SMART model to other trainers to increase their training performance and observe the team’s trainings and webinars
  • Work on increasing productivity, number of trainings, webinars and sales results on the trainers that you coach (and report this)
  • You will share relevant information gathered during Microsoft Mobile Academy network meetings and during Microsoft Mobile events with other trainers in your region
  • Prepare for TTT’s
  • Facilitate & follow-up on weekly team meetings
  • Prepare and monitor the team’s PDP’s
  • Report on & number of trainings, webinars etc. of the team and take necessary actions related to this
  • Participate in the hiring-firing process, including on boarding
  • Facilitate TCP modules for the team
  • Help create and update together with MT several materials such as Trainer Onboarding Materials, FSF New Hires, documents for new hires, In-market ride along forms etc.

4. Represent Microsoft Mobile during the assignments

  • You embody Microsoft Mobile and values throughout your actions
  • You embody the SU (FEED) values throughout your actions
  • You embody the SU Values and are an Experience Engineer
  • You comply with Microsoft Mobile guidelines
  • You supply team members with tips to increase the brand image of Microsoft Mobile

5. Perform administrative tasks

  • You monitor the training performance of your training organization
  • Use of reporting system appropriate

6. Fieldwork

  • You facilitate in store trainings
  • You ride along with Field reps
  • You ride along with trainers

Key performance indicators

1. Trainer productivity and efficiency

  • Number of training days / month (full time trainer target average 75%)
  • Average % of working time trainer spend delivering training (target 75-90%)
  • Number of ride alongs, webinars, store visits etc

2. Training effectiveness

  • Participant training feedback score (80% > 4 / on a scale of 6)
  • Knowledge transfer, skills and attitude development (mystery shopping)

3. Trainer competency

  • Number of Microsoft devices/Microsoft Mobile Academy knowledge quizzes passed (12/year)
  • Trainer certification according to Microsoft Mobile Academy guidelines and SU FEED
  • Number of trainings received

4. Self-evaluation (annual)

Required skills & competences

Training and facilitation skills

  • You are able to train and facilitate (large) audiences.
  • You have good instructional design skills to structure a learning environment that supports learning of different types of topics (technical product and soft skills) and different types of learners
  • You can create a structured and appropriate training plan (for also to be used by other trainers)
  • You can adapt your training method or technique to the individuals’ needs or situational requirements including technical product training, soft skills training
  • You help individual learners attain their objectives
  • You can create and maintain a good learning atmosphere/climate
  • You master multiple methods to activate people in your training sessions
  • You can conduct virtual (on-line) class room sessions

Communication skills

  • You are an active listener and possess good questioning skills
  • You are an experienced moderator, giving everybody the chance to express themselves
  • You can engage people and you can maintain a high level of interactivity during the training sessions
  • You detect and respond adequately to non-verbal language
  • You give precise feedback to participants
  • You understand and use story telling as part of your training

Coaching skills

  • You adapt your coaching style in relation to the person and the occasions
  • You are familiar with change management and the use of coaching in those situations
  • You know how to coach a team of trainers and have an ability to influence other people

Selling skills

  • You translate Microsoft Mobile knowledge into consumer solutions/experiences
  • You use a variety of closing techniques
  • You successfully apply the Microsoft Mobile way of selling
  • You are an expert in demonstrating, story-telling and solution-selling
  • Decent knowledge of the current telecommunication- or field labour industry

Initiating/leading change

  • You know how to overcome resistance of groups of participants (internal and external audiences)
  • You cope well with a fast changing and high pressure working environment
  • You are a team player and you are aware of cultural differences

Personal effectiveness/other qualities

  • You are passionate and you are eager to learn and grow in terms of skills, knowledge and attitude
  • You are very thorough and accurate (in your administration)
  • You focus on priorities
  • You are pro-active and take initiative
  • You set goals and objectives and translate them into action
  • You posses a strong interest towards mobile businesses/industry
  • You are a native English speaker
  • You are also flexible, self-directed, diplomatic, energetic, creative, collaborative, analytical, modest and IT literate

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