Casting Day - 21.02.2017

Build Your Network of Raving Fans

Casting for ...

Manager Business Partnerships
Head of Business Partnerships
Coordinator Business Partnerships
Project Manager
Project Management Intern
Experienced Trainers
Trainer Revenue Management
Trainer Sales

  • Are you an experienced trainer in the area of the service industry / hospitality?
  • Are you a born sales lover who enjoys delighting customers with new ideas?
  • Are you a natural leader whose heart beats for sales?
  • Do you enjoy working in an international environment?
  • Do you like to help your clients change and adapt to future necessities?
  • Are you a natural consultant?
  • Do you enjoy your customers experiencing things differently?

Did you ‘check the relevant boxes’ for your preferred position above? If so, let’s meet!

Experience is not a trend, but rather the condition for development, success and continuation. Performance Solutions works with organizations, to create and provide consistent and memorable experiences. With the focus on experience we strive to work based on passion, energy & fun and encourage our business partners to do the same. That way we enhance overall performance and ensure that changes last over time.

Remarkable concepts will ensure a unique experience and hence a permanent performance improvement. Performance Solutions once started as a training institute in the hospitality industry and is now also active in other sectors where everything revolves around people and the experiences they have and create.

We know that searching for a job is not all about checking boxes; it’s about a mutual connection in philosophy and experience. That is why even our recruitment process is experience based: we organise a Casting event! A casting event is an ‘informal job interview’ where you can be yourself, with all your energy, ideas and creativity, instead of being stuck in a formal application process! We want you to show us who you really are through various workshops and activities, and we hope to leave you with lots of memorable moments and a great experience.

When? Monday, 21st of February from 16:00 to 20:00
Where? In our Playground in Eschborn / Frankfurt

You are excited to join us for this event?

We made it very easy for you to apply, you simply need to use the following links and upload your CV:
Trainers, Trainer for Revenue Management, Trainer Sales /MICE, Manager Business Partnerships, Head of Business Partnerships, Project Manager, Project Management Intern.
The casting is open for all positions.
If your application is successful, you will receive an invitation to the Casting!

We look forward to seeing you soon!