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Fans stand and have always stood for positive excitement. In 1841 the passionate readers of author Charles Dickens stormed the harbor of New York in anticipation of the next chapter of his novel The Old Curiosity Shop, which was on its way to America on a British ship. Desired objects are easier to come by today, but intensity and passion have stayed the same. Fans are energetic, loyal and prepared to invest more money and time than the average customer. If they are happy, they show their passion open- heartedly and in an impactful way: by writing detailed experience reports on rating platforms, tweeting ecstatic Tweets, creating their own product reviews on YouTube or posting impressive snapshots on Instagram. Fans are delighted and infect others with their enthusiasm.

Turn your business into an experience

It is not easy, however, to get your customers to become your fans. Today’s customers are informed and experienced. Respectively, their expectations are increasing, it has become harder to impress customers with your brand. Employees also expect more from their employers. They want to be inspired and they want to be involved. Customers and employees do not simply want a business relationship and are not interested in only consuming or only being employed. They want experiences. Emotional bonding has become indispensable for companies. Delighting others means creating authentic and personal marketing that impacts inward as well as outward relations. What We Do is create experiences that have this kind of impact.

Think reverse, start today

Clients in reverse

Cliff Crosbie

Cliff Crosbie

SVP Global Retail Prism Skylabs

"Working with André and his team on IKEA Japan was a true pleasure. They took the time to understand the IKEA model and find a way to work that fit the culture and working style of IKEA as well as the culture of our Japanese customers. The result was a fantastic program that became an ongoing chant and call to action throughout IKEA Japan about putting the 'Customer First!' The program was simple, easily adopted and highly effective. Customer feedback changed almost overnight."

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Dirk Führer

Dirk Führer

CEO at Worldhotels

"Worldhotels unites a large variety of exciting and intriguing venues. With “Start with WHY” we want to encourage our member hotels to let their individuality shine through and create inspiring moments for their customers. Performance Solutions helps us and our member hotels to identify what makes each hotel unique by asking: “What is the history of your hotel?” “What is the purpose that drives you?” “Which values unite you?” and most importantly “What do you want your customers to experience when they stay in your hotel?”

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a change of perspective for your corporate culture

Do you want to create delightful experiences for your customers? Then bust old thinking patterns and use Reverse Thinking & Engineering. Reverse Thinking and Engineering puts your desired customer experience first. By thinking in Reverse, you shape factors like the desired employee behavior, the working climate, and the leadership style of your company. This enables you to create unique customer experiences with the potential to turn customers into fans and employees into engaged brand ambassadors.

Join us on a Reverse Journey and discover what it means to:

  • Define the desired customer & brand experience.
  • Develop a new leadership and corporate culture.
  • Create a shared context with new learning methods.
  • Purposefully foster your employees’ talents.
  • Secure a high service standard and live the brand promise every day.
  • Brand & Customer Experience

    Experience is the new battlefield. Your customers, guests, patients, and passengers expect more than ever before. However organizations have fewer and fewer resources (time, money, and people). You want your customers to remember you and tell their friends about you?

  • Leadership & Culture Development

    Development means changing, moving and being fluid and making strides. Strides that make a difference. Which steps do you want to take or do you have to make? How do you motivate your colleagues to join?

  • Learning & Development

    70% of learning occurs on the job, 20% from people and only 10% from courses. Of those last 10%, people are likely to forget almost everything if the environment doesn't support what they have learned. Skills don’t stick. If you want to change behavior, you need to change the context.

  • Talent Development

    If you can breathe you can perform, only if you're inspired, you can excel. Yet, most organizations focus on performance instead of potential. What about you? Are you a competence manager or talent manager?

  • Operational Excellence

    You want your business to be the best that it can be. How can you ensure that your employees deliver and sustain an authentic customer service, especially if you’re not around 100% of the time? 

We are experience engineers

We are Experience Engineers. It is our goal to create experiences that inspire. We want to make you love your brand, be passionate about your work and be driven by your brand promise. Even more so, we want to support you to keep up your positive energy, be professional while having fun and pass the excitement on to your customers.

Othniel Obiri Asamoah

Experience Events Trainee

Erik Beentjes

Account Support Assistant

Anja Blumenberg

Project Support

Rozemarijn van der Post

Rozemarijn van der Post

Program Designer

Danja Kuiper

Danja Kuiper

Front Office

The team

Our solutions

 Performance Solutions offers you six solutions, designed to get you thinking in a new way and foster employees and turn customers into raving fans:



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